Manually Converting PDF to HTML4

We supply examples in PHP and ASP.NET for how to automatically publish documents to HTML. You can still choose to publish your documents manually or write your own scripts.

The code sample below shows how to display a document in FlowPaper using HTML4.

    { config : {
            IMGFiles : 'docs/Paper.pdf_{page}.png',
            JSONFile : 'docs/Paper.js',
            RenderingOrder : 'html'

We have changed our name from FlexPaper to FlowPaper so if you'are using an older version than 2.4.7 then use FlexPaperViewer instad of FlowPaperViewer when referencing the viewer.

These are some of the open source tools we recommend to use to convert your content:

PDF2JSON - conversion of PDF documents to JSON and XML data
SWFTools</a> - can convert flash to images using swfrender, see our sample scripts on how this is done.
MUPDF - for converting PDF documents to images

Command line conversion of text content

Converting your documents using PDF2JSON is simple process. PDF2JSON is a command line utility and a few settings can be done to optimize the output of this tool. The following example shows the currently recommended setting for converting your document:
pdf2json.exe Paper.pdf -enc UTF-8 -compress Paper.js

Command line conversion of image content

If you prefer the image content of your documents as a batch process rather than on the fly then MUPDF is the currently best tool for this. MUPDF contains the command line tool mudraw which is perfect for this purpose. The example below illustrates how you can convert your pages using this command:
mudraw.exe -r100 -o Paper.pdf_%d.png Paper.pdf