Collaborative web annotations

Annotations in FlowPaper are marks, highlights, notes and drawings created in a separate layer on top of a document in order to give users the possibility to collaborate and interact with the annotations while preserving the original document. Web annotations in FlowPaper features a full set of API methods which can be used to add annotations support to your application.

This online document viewer is created to support touch devices as well as traditional desktop browsers in interacting with the annotations.

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Our collaborative web annotations feature a full set of methods and events for interacting with the annotations. The viewer extends itself as a jQuery plugin and exposes its methods using javascript. Click here to view the current API specification.

Features Overview

  • Adds the ability to create notes, drawings and text selections with associations. Notes can be resized, moved and deleted.
  • All annotations can be accessed programmatically through the method getMarkList() in order to be saved a database
  • Annotations throw events when clicked on and can be programmatically recreated, cleared and scrolled to.
  • Set up scripts are supplied for ASP.NET, PHP and Java with examples of how to store and retrieve annotations from a database.
  • Works on iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android
  • Reaches all major browsers and operating systems including IE 6 and IE 7 without reducing the user experience
  • Cuts loading time on your publications by splitting your documents into smaller parts so only visible pages are loaded

Server Requirements

Our viewers work in any server environment. We currently supply sample server side scripts for publishing and conversion in PHP, Java and ASP.NET. We recommend running either of these server side languages for easiest setup and configuration.