HTML4, Adobe Flash or HTML5?

FlowPaper supports displaying documents as HTML4, HTML5, Adobe Flash or any combination of the three, depending on your preference. FlowPaper uses the most suitable format for your visitors without reducing their experience. Use the checkboxes below to see how each technology affects your audience.

Adobe Flash is supported by over 95% of all devices and browsers.

FlowPaper displays its documents using high performance vector graphics for optimal print and display quality.

Check estimated browser coverage by selecting different combinations of technologies.

Adobe Flash/Adobe Flex
Browser Suitability Matrix

The matrix below shows how suitable each technology is for each browser when rendering documents using these technologies.

Adobe FlashHTML4HTML5
Firefox: All versions
Chrome: All versions
Safari: All versions
IE: All versions
Mobile: Android, BlackBerry
Firefox: All versions
Chrome: All versions
Safari: All versions
IE: 8, 9, 10
Mobile: iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry
Firefox: Latest versions
Chrome: Latest versions
Safari: Latest versions
IE: 9+
Mobile: iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry
Technology Comparison

Delivering documents using the different technologies also has some technical differences, the table below highlights these differences.

Adobe FlashHTML4HTML5
Print qualityHighMediumHigh
Bandwith useLowLowLow
Progressive LoadingYesYesYes
Split file loadingYesYesYes
Requires pre-publishingYesYesNo
CPU UsageLowLowLow