What is Adaptive UI?

With Flowpaper Adative UI, your publication will adapt and show on any device from PC to smartphones. Reach maximum browser coverage by combining HTML5, HTML4 and Flash. FlowPaper supports customizing the user interface through HTML or by simply adjusting colors, backgrounds and icons in our Desktop Publisher.

Adaptive UI scales buttons and controls in the user interface and adds support for touch gestures for your mobile visitors to increase the readability of your publications. By combining true vector graphics with high speed bitmap caching techniques, FlowPaper delivers the best possible reading experience for your visitors.

FlowPaper comes in two different editions so that you can choose the viewer that best suits your presentation. Zine is our viewer with flip book style and Classic is our traditional viewer.

Technical details about Adaptive User Interface

FlowPaper reaches any device and browser supporting either HTML4, Flash or HTML5. You can choose to set either of these formats as primary and use the other formats as a fallback. The viewer degrades gracefully to the format you choose as a secondary format if the primary format is not supported by the viewer. Please see our technology comparison chart on these formats for further details on coverage.

FlowPaper is supplied as a desktop publisher installation package for both Mac and PC as well as a installable web server package. Our web server package comes with fully working out of the box examples written in ASP.NET, PHP and Java. Full source code to these examples for how you can publish your documents is included. Supported both on Windows and Linux, the publishing tools we recommend are all open source, allowing maximum transparency to your publishing processes.

FlowPaper does not need cookies or session variables and does not need to communicate with any other web site than your own to display its documents. Your are in full control over how and when your documents are displayed all times.