FlowPaper 3.0.1 Release Notes

12 April 2017

We’re happy to announce our latest version of FlowPaper with a number of great updates. We have been focusing this month at providing some clarity on how FlowPaper can improve search ranking compared to a normal PDF. FlowPaper Elements has had a number of improvements around search indexing and this version greatly improves the way Google and other search engines is able to discover sections and headers in your publications. You can try the new SEO features in Elements by ticking the “Improved SEO” checkbox under behaviour.

Changes in this release

  • In order to improve SEO, Elements is now using h1/h2/h3 tags instead of div tags for headers (Elements)
  • FlowPaper Elements is now detecting and creating a table of contents for publications if they do not have one specified in the PDF (Elements)
  • Improved font for the TOC in the Elements viewer (Desktop Publisher)
  • Improved email detection and unicode output for compressed/flattened documents (Desktop Publisher)
  • Zine now checks the proportions of the available area when deciding on viewing mode. If the viewer is very narrow but high then the viewer will choose to display a single page as opposed to two pages (Zine)
  • Improved indexing (SEO) for Elements publications so that Google and other search engines are now able to index each section separately (Desktop Publisher)
  • The rel=nofollow and rel=noopener tag added to external links in Elements publications (Desktop Publisher)
  • The elements viewer now updates the #page=(page number) name tag in the url when navigating through the publication to make sharing and returning to a page easier (Elements)
  • The Zine viewer is now able to start with TOC open if any is available (Desktop Publisher)
  • Switched to using the new analytics.js tracker for all viewers (Zine, Elements)
  • Improved pre-loading of fonts in flatten/compressed mode for Zine (Desktop Publisher)
  • Improved loading speed further by including partial content for the Elements viewer using the html5 compliant link rel=”import” tag (Desktop Publisher)
  • Improved unicode support for Chinese &B Thai languages (Classic)
  • Fixed an issue where two-fold Elements publications would have their fonts incorrectly adjusted (Desktop Publisher)
  • Fixed an issue where the Elements viewer was attempting to use the computed font style incorrectly causing the wrong font to be used (Elements)
  • Fixed an issue related to editing pages in the elements viewer where the editor would replace a page incorrectly in some scenarios. (Desktop Publisher)
  • Fixed an issue where setting a background image to Zine would cause an incorrect background color to the search abstracts (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where setting Zoom Interval to 0.4 or higher would cause the viewer to get the incorrect initial scale (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where self maximized hosted videos were missing the close button (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where the search abstract would be mispositioned when going into full screen if already visible prior to entering the full screen mode (Zine, Classic)
  • Fixed an issue where the text for the last page would not load properly for the last page in certain pages when using the flatten/compress mode (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where small PDFs would get unessicariliy copied to the docs/ directory without being needed when using the flatten/compress mode (Desktop Publisher)
  • Fixed an issue where some auto detected links for email addresses would be incorrect (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where some animations were not being triggered in a timely fashion (Elements)
  • Fixed an issue where some texts where incorrectly clipped when exported to an Elements publication (Elements)
  • Fixed an issue where two-fold publications with uneven total page numbers were missing the last page (Elements & Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where the viewer would not be initialized properly when starting at certain page numbers (Elements)
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to use the full range of page numbers for two fold publications when adding new TOC items (Desktop Publisher)