FlowPaper 3.2.2 Release Notes

Tuesday 28th August 2018

We trust that our customers on the northern hemisphere has had a warm and pleasant vacation. The next version of FlowPaper is due in the next few days. This is a summarised list of changes that are included in this version.

  • Added page sounds as a setting to Zine
  • Fixed smaller regression issues related to adding and resizing external images into reflow publications
  • Fixed an issue where the background would be black when printing flattened/compressed Zine publications in Firefox
  • Fixed an issue where pinching into fixed layout pages in reflow would cause them to mis-position in iOS
  • Added the option to add all pages as re-flowable or fixed layout in the web page builder. Right click on the pages and choose ‘Add all as ..’
  • Fix the arrows in Zine sometimes wrapping into a new line incorrectly
  • Added the ability to change the arrow size in Zine publications
  • Fixed an issue where some links added to Elements publications were not clickable in mobile safari
  • Fixed an issue where the start page would be rendered as 404 if using ‘Improved SEO’ together with ‘Use document name as file name’
  • Fixed an issue where hovering over images with an additional mouseover image would fail to work in some scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where some links added to Elements publications were not opening when embedded in an iframe and when browsing using mobile Safari
  • Improved WCAG support for the Elements viewer
  • Improved UX for the reflow mode to make it easier to import and select parts of a page to import into the publication
  • Fixed an issue where invisible text was exported in the web page builder template
  • Fixed an issue where annotation links were not supported into fixed layout pages for the web page builder
  • Fixed an issue where parts of pages were not visible in edit mode when using the adjust two fold setting for Zine
  • Fixed a regression issue where the bottom toolbar template would be missing its top margin in Zine
  • Fixed an issue where using go to page in Elements when using landscape mode would navigate to the wrong page number