How to open a PDF document in the browser at a specific page (flip book or classic portrait)

There are a number of ways of opening your online PDF publication at a specific page. You can do it through FlowPaper Desktop Paper, Javascript or through your browser.

To pre set an opening page in Desktop Publisher, just change the viewer behavior settings to desired start page. This setting in located on the left hand side of the publisher.

{ config : { StartAtPage : 5

By setting the StartAtPage parameter in javascript

If you publish a document and take a look at the javascript code that FlowPaper Publisher has produced for you, then you will see the page parameter being set in javascript aswell. We have removed the surrounding parameter for this example:

Through the URL

The third option you have to open your publication at a specific page is through your browsers URL. To achieve this ad a #page parameter as part of your url and the browser will open the document on desired page. You can see an example on how to do this with our html5 flip book viewer below:,flash#page=5